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  • Soundproofing & Acoustic Gear for Home & Office

    Shop SoundAway for the very best in soundproofing & acoustical control for conference rooms, heavy equipment, home theaters, we offer the highest quality sound insulation products for your home, office, recreational vehicles, and heavy equipment. New construction or replacement ceiling tiles to lower reverberation. Optional sound

    Sound Insolation Furring Clips , Find Complete Details about Sound Insolation Furring Clips,Ceiling Spring Clips,Decorative Clips,Suspended Ceiling Clip from Ceiling Grid Components Supplier or Manufacturer-Shenzhen Excel Building Products Co., Ltd.

    For high level soundproofing you need to employ some method of decoupling the framing from the drywall. This can be done by modifying the wall or ceiling framing, but decoupling is often accomplished through the use of Drywall Furring Channel with Soundproofing Clips (IB-1).

    Decouple walls or ceiling using the highly rated RSIC-1 clip to achieve an an additional STC rating of 15 STC points. Clips are laid out 24" x 48", see Spec Sheet for details. Product information Resilient Sound Isolation Clip (RSIC-1) Pack of 50 $239.00. Next. Pages with related products.

    wool insulation with two (2) layers of gypsum wallboard. Ceilings Design No. L546 Design No. V477 Design No. V489 Walls Design No. U305 Design No. U419 3.86" 1.00" 3.12" Plan View Side View 1.32" 2.38" - 2.75" Drywall Furring Channel (by others) IsoMax Clip IsoMax TM Detail Sound Isolation Clips for Walls and Ceilings Patent No. 7,093,814

  • Soundproofing, Noise Insulation, Soundproofing Material

    Effective soundproofing isn’t simple, sound isolation company provides expert consulting, and reliable products to anyone with a soundproofing problem. Don’t live with your noise problems – work with THE EXPERTS in the noise control business. Give us a call today.

    Sound isolation clips try to cover the problem of decoupling by, kind of, insulating the wall studs. They can be attached to the wall studs and a hat channel on which the other drywall is screwed. The reason they help in soundproofing is that they are non-conductors of sound. Very often the clips contain a component made of rubber, which helps in isolation of sound.

    Resilient Sound Isolation Clips are designed to decouple drywall from a wall or ceiling structure. MetroFlex clips are easy to install by simply being screwed to existing wood or steel studs/joists. Hat Channel is held in to place by clips spread no more than 48” apart.

    Sound transmission Class (StC) – sound transmitted through the air such as voices and music Impact Insulation Class (IIC) – sound transmitted through the building structure such as foot traffic and objects dropped on the floor A rating of 50 or above for both STC and IIC sound tests will satisfy the IBC’s minimum requirements.

    Sep 14, 2016  Ceiling Assembly Example. Blocking sound in a ceiling assembly follows the same principles as a wall construction. Below is an example of a ceiling assembly using insulation, AudioSeal® Sound barrier, Resilient Isolation Clips, Green Glue and multiple layers of sheet rock or drywall.

  • Resilient Sound Isolation Clips (RSIC) to Reduce Sound

    Density + Disconnection. Remember that the RSIC mechanical sound isolation clip system is designed to trigger a disconnect ion in your framing structure. If you already have a disconnected wall or ceiling system, yo u do not need a channel system or the RSIC Clips. Staggered studs and double walls are both ideal framing techniques that negate your need for the clip system.

    Standard insulation products absorbs some sound, and acoustic insulation absorbs more. However, insulation also reduces the reverberation which causes a sound to echo or bounce back into a room creating disturbing feedback. The insulation will reduce sound transmission through the wall, and also improve the sound within a room.

    Aug 21, 2015  Common sound-absorption materials include decoupled lead-based tiles, open cell foams, fiberglass insulation, “acoustical” insulation or recycled cotton insulation. Roxul Safe’N’Sound stone wool insulation is designed for soundproofing and has some of the best low and high frequency ratings (and is very cost-effective).

    Sound Clip Ceiling Footstep noise from above cannot be reduced by adding better insulation, or another layer of something over your current ceiling -- even Mass Loaded Vinyl or Green Glue will not work. The same is true for very low-frequency sounds from a home

    Decoupling is added in the form of hat channels and resilient sound clips. First, remove the drywall from the existing ceiling. You do not fix the hat channels directly to the joists because that will impede their ability to work properly. Use soundproofing clips to clasp the

  • DIY Different Ways on How to Soundproof a Basement Ceiling

    This article will guide you through a few DIY different ways on how to soundproof a basement ceiling. There are two types of ceilings, finished and unfinished ceilings. We will also show how to soundproof the stairs leading to the basement.

    Resilmount A237R - Metal Furring Channel Resilient Sound Clip The Resilmount A237R™ is a vibration absorbing and sound Isolation Clips that is an affordable & reliable sound solution that can be used on wood and steel wall stud as well as ceiling joist applications. The Resilmount patented ther

    The Genie clip ceiling is the best performing suspended ceiling system available from both an airborne and impact sound perspective (see comparison table). A suspended ceiling is where you are attaching the sound proof system to the existing joists.

    Sound insolation solutions are perfect for classrooms, offices, studios, restaurants & more. Purchase today! Our metal furring channel clips are designed to accommodate a range of furring channels in both walls and ceilings. These furring channel clips offer adjustment . . .

    As noted above, resilient sound isolation clips must be installed within 6″ of the perimeter of each wall and ceiling. It is not uncommon for clip installers to have to add a stud or other framing member to meet this requirement. Keeping the perimeter clips within 6″ of each wall and ceiling will increase stability for the installation of drywall. An alternative for perimeter backing is the GenieClip® LB4. Extending

  • How to Soundproof a Ceiling: 15 Steps (with Pictures

    Mar 29, 2019  Install soundproofing clips through the hat channel as follows: Place clips around the perimeter of the ceiling, within 6" (15cm) of each wall. Fill in the first channel with sound clips spaced 48" (122cm) apart. For best results, shift the next row's sound clip placement by 16" and fill it out, spacing clips 48" apart as before.

    You would have to remove your drywall from the ceiling and install Resilient Sound Clips which are even more effective when installed in your ceiling then they are in your walls as they decouple your ceiling from the floor joists (Read more on Decoupling here). This process coupled with a double layer of drywall and Green Glue will restore your peace and privacy.

    Attach drywall on isolation clips: By fastening these clips to your ceiling joists, you can install a channel to support a second layer of drywall -- a second skin for your ceiling. A rubber bushing built into the clip halts sound vibration. Clips are about $5 each; a 10-foot channel is $3.50.